Our Programs at Shree Ram International Preschool

A Multiple Intelligence Preschool

Shree Ram International Preschool

 Shree Ram International Preschool is a day boarding preschool which offers global education in a unique curricular mix. At the primary level Toddlers, Playgroup, Nursery, LKG and UKG, school follows Multiple Intelligence educational systems. The school is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and backed by an International recognized curriculum.


TODDLER : Age 1.5 – 2 Yrs.

A great way for your little one to enjoy some quality time while learning social skills, self esteem and cognitive development. Children get the opportunity to interact with other children in their age group, while having fun learning the importance of cooperation, following directions, sharing and taking turns. Children learn while playing !

Interpersonal and Bodily Kinesthetic developing knowledge about self.

PLAY-GROUP : Age 2 – 3 Yrs.

Enabling the 2year olds to open their curious minds to a host of enriching environment where activities are provided keeping in mind the development of the larger and finer motor muscles. Craft based activities provide a rich and stimulating experience, which kindles interest in the child. With Language Development the child is able to communicate most needs and wants. Self-help skills develop independence in a child that explore their inner strength.

Interpersonal, Linguistic and Musical developing confidence.

NURSERY : Age 3 – 4 Yrs. 

Learning is fun. Along with academics, cookery, clay-modeling, puppets, music, dance, are part of the curriculum for this group. Focus is on developing their linguistic and logical skills.

Linguistic, Logical, Naturalistic, Personal, help them become problem solvers and independent.

KINDERGARTEN - KG-I & KG-II  (Age 4-5 & 5-6 Yrs)

Yoga is part of the curriculum. Music, Clay-modeling, baking, cookery is fun. Projects and “show and Tell” build confidence in the child. General awareness topics are included, so also are current affairs. Activities are designed to promote the thinking and analytical skills in a child.

All 8 intelligences-help develop them as lifelong learners and ready to step out into the world and face challenges.

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